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Permanent Release Coatings for Metal Melts

MI Series - Permanent Release Coatings for Open Moulds

Nanocomp MI is a release coating applied on open moulds providing excellent release properties over more than 2500 castings. This coating has a service time of several weeks and replaces daily application of oil or graphite. As no significant coat builds up there is no need for brushups during the mould's life. This ensures excellent equipment effciency.

So, frequency and cost of maintenance are significantly reduced. The casthouse turns clean and white.


ST Series - Permanent Protective Coating for Mineral or Ceramic Launders

Nanocomp ST is a protective coating containing boron nitride. It combines the properties of pure boron nitride with the wear resistance of a nano-ceramic coating and can be applied in a thin layer on mineral or ceramic substrates.

Nanocomp ST protects the melt as well as the substrate. The level of wear is extremely low. Spalling, and thus contamination of the melt is prevented.

The t-series of Nanocomp ST are sealing coatings protecting the substrate from chemical aggression by the aluminium melt. 

In addition to our products for aluminium melts we also offer coatings for Cu, Mg, Zn, Pb and their alloys.