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Protective Nonstick coatings for industrial processes and components with elevated process temperatures

  • Flue gas management and filtration
  • Plants and components for heat recovery
  • Abrasive and adhesive stress on technical components and systems

The function of parts or entire industrial plants is affected or completely inhibited by undesired deposits, causing production down-times and increased maintenance, both resulting in higher costs.

These problems occur, wherever fluid solids, smoke, dust, or condensates are generated or actively transported. Whenever thermal, chemical or mechanical stress comes into play as well, the high-performance nonstick coatings of CeraNovis are called for. 

These combine their nonstick properties with an improved resistance against the above-mentioned attacks.  You can download a small choice of possible applications. Please feel free to contact us for further applications and particular problems.   

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Video: correct application of the LT coating system