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Ceramic Coatings on Metal

By coating metallic bodies wih ceramics the advatages of both materials can be combined. The usually very igh sintering temperatures of ceramics (>1000°C) would destroy the metallic body. By using nanosale ceramics however, the sintering temperatures can be lowered to such an extent that the metals and their constructive properties remain unchanged. CeraNovis is one of the leading experts in this particular market segment. The special knowhow has been developed over a timespan of ten years and is applied in several areas:

  • Selfcleaning coatings for baking ovens

  • catalytcally active cotings for metal meshes

  • Semi-permanent release agents for aluminium production and processing

  • Semi-permanent release agents for brass founding replacing single-use graphite

  • Ceramic non-stickcoating for industrial installations (heat exchanger vessels, e-filters, etc.) particularly in dedusting, ash and lime handling as well as in the fluegas area

  • UV-resistant, highy reflective white coatings for aerospace applications protecting metallic components Schutz primarily of tianium. The coating is used in the BepiColombo Mission of th Euopean Space Agency - ESA.

Ceramic Coatings on Ceramics

Of course, our ceramic coatings, which had been developed for metallic substrates, can be applied to ceramics, too. In addition, we have extensive experiece in producing ceramic filter media with pore sizes ranging from nanofiltration to ultafiltration. Thanks to our material expertise we can provide bodies or substrte with new and innovative properties:

  • Catalytic coating for industrial exhaust air treatment Beschichtung

  • Filter ceramics with pore sizes from nanofiltration to ultrafiltration

  • Non-stick or tribological properties against vitreous slags, hot ashes or metalllic melts (pimarily light metals or brass)

Upscaling and Transfer of Development Results into Production

Our team has gained more than ten years of expertise in coating metallic and ceramic substrates with ceramics. The basis was our chemical and material knowledge in this particular field. In addition, it was indispensable to develop our own synthesis from pateable ideas into an economically viable, safe and stable  production.

A milestone was the construction of a wet-chemical process for producing 20t/a of nanoscale zirconium oxide in excellent quality, which was the basis for producing 400t/a of coating material for baking ovens. This material is still being used in many of our ceramic coatings. In addtion, we needed process knowhow and had to constantly expand and refine it.  

Our team has the necessary experience, dilligence and far-sightedness coupled with pragmatism to transfer lab developments into a working production.



CeraNovis GmbH offers problem-solving strategies and development capacities to medium-sized and large companies, aiming to provide an economically viable solution to a technical problem in the shortest time possible. CeraNovis sees itself at the interface between research and development and the transfer of resulting solutions into production. The latter can be offered by CeraNovis. Alternatively, we support our customers in establishing or adjusting the production.



  • Long-term expertise in the field of nanomaterials – production, development of applications, transfer into production and manufacturing
  • Non-stick coatings
  • High temperature coatings
  • Metal-ceramic bonds
  • Aerospace coatings
  • Upscaling experience (transfer of research results from lab scale to industrial scale)


Our strengths

  • Speed and flexibility due to short decision-making processes and well-founded expertise
  • Experience in taking the view of the industrial partner
  • Well-established and extensive network
  • Cost awareness from the very beginning of the product development process
  • R&D certified according to DIN/ISO

CeraNovis does not offer off-the-shelf solutions, but tailored applicable results, particularly for niche applications in the field of ceramic coatings on metal (steel, titanium, aluminium) and ceramics.


Fields of Application

Ceramic coatings and ceramic components for applications in: 

  • Aerospace
  • Energy production,
  • Chemical industry