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Nanocomp Coatings for Brass Permanent Moulds

CeraNovis’s semi-permanent high-performance coatings provide ideal conditions for melt flow and form filling in copper alloyed moulds for many brass castings. The coatings can be adjusted conductive or insulating according to application method. This allows to control the solidification, leading to a significantly reduced scrap rate. Nanocomp coatings are water-resistant, insensitive towards the melt temperature and temperature shocks as they occur between casting and water cooling.

Features are

  • Cracks during solidification/cooling of casting are avoided.
  • Improvement of output and productivity up to 50%
  • Reduction of quality cost
  • Low consumption combined with long service time of coating
  • No graphite in cooling bath required
  • Clean working space -  „white foundry“

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