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Heat Management


Corrosion protection against acid attacks in the high temperature range and falling below the dew Point 

In this area, CeraNovis offers coating systems with long-term stability, which are used as temperature-resistant corrosion protection layers against acid attack. The room-temperature-curing and solvent-based systems known as AlSiKorr or ECO5 Base and Top are applied by spraying or dipping and are stable against attack by hot sulphuric and nitric acid. The corrosion protection function of the ECO5 system can be supplemented by a non-stick top coat (ECO 5 TOP). This prevents solid condensation or caking.

The AlSiKorr system is used in series production by a leading manufacturer of heat management systems in the domestic heating sector and protects components against corrosion caused by acid formation when the temperature falls below the dew point. This happens when flue gas, originating from the combustion of natural gas or fuel oil, is cooled down to such an extent that the gaseous components NOx and SOx condense, forming corresponding highly concentrated and correspondingly aggressive acids. These damage the underlying metallic component.

CeraNovis systems prevent acid attack and are characterised by a low layer thickness, high thermal shock resistance, excellent adhesion to the substrate and long-term protection against acid attack.
The ECO5 Base and ECO5 Top System is designed for industrial use in waste incineration plants and large combustion plants. It is currently undergoing technical validation and its long-term functionality is being tested in various test fields.

This product is suitable for:

Manufacturers of combustion chambers, heat exchangers, operators of heat exchange systems, plate heat exchangers, tube bundle heat exchangers etc., who have problems with corrosion and/or adhesion, both of which originate from the flue gas/exhaust air.