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Aluminium die casting

Nano-ceramic top coating increases service time of the coating by 300 – 800%

Nanocomp MM12 is an outstanding coating for aluminium die casting, protecting the coating system against erosion and chemical attacks. It is used in the production of wheels, engine blocks and cylinder heads as well as other components. CeraNovis offers further products …

Brass die casting / Production of sanitary fittings

Nano-ceramic coatings in place of graphite increase productivity and quality.

Nanocomp BC products are heat-conducting or semi-permanent coatings for brass die casting with adjustable insulation parameters. Thanks to excellent mould filling behaviour and slight to strong insulation defects and cracks are successfully avoided. Spraying of graphite is reduced or even eliminated... 

Metal Production: Handling of melt and semi-finished goods

This robust release coating with nano-ceramic binder provides protection and release properties 30 to 100 times longer than conventional coating or release agents. Layer buildup or flakeoff are prevented thanks to extremely thin layers. CeraNovis offers release coatings for  Al, Mg, Cu, Zn …